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Real Estate

MyFortes company has official license on real estate management, and experience in interaction with different administration structures. Deals with questions connected to real estate, regularly verifies the state of equipment, safety of goods and full functioning of engineering systems

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Management of property in Italy

Myfortes company provides range of services, connected to tenure and land administration in Forte dei Marmi and on the territory of Italy. Many years of experience showed that most of the owners find it hard to get along with specific conditions of keeping property and tax paying in Italy. Entrusting the management of the property to the staff of Myfortes company, the accommodation will always be ready to welcome you. And if during your absence you are planning to rent a property, we will take care of all the questions such as search of a client and making a contract, payments and clearing arrangements.

If you don’t have a possibility to look after your property in person, you may entrust all the organizational matters to our company.

In result you will get minimalized expenses on keeping staff, and property in proper condition, comfortable vacation during your visits to Italy.

How is managing of property processed?

Myfortes company offers conclusion of the contract for a year. Adapting each contract due to needs of a client, in result guaranteeing individual way for each. Afterwards it is subject to automatic renewal. It frees the owner from many problems coming with getting a property and gives an opportunity to entrust administration to the skilled staff.

Specialists of our company will solve all the problems. Myfortes cooperates only with reliable notaria, advocates, experts, insurance and technician companies which guarantees high quality of the service. 

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for managing of property
MyFortes, 2021

7500€ per year

Area of the villa up to400 sq.m.

Area of the garden up to 1500 sq.m.


8500€ per year

Area of the villa up to 1000 sq.m.

Area of the garden up to 3000 sq.m.


from 9500€ per year

Area of the villa from 1000 sq.m..

Area of the garden from 3000 sq.m.

Any property requires care
Competent service of property is carried out by professionals and keeps you from many problems.

Home maintenance 

  • Monthly control and report about house state
  • Collateral control of maintenance of all the systems of property and preventive control of the heating, electricity, drainage, pool system
  • Elimination of emergency cases
  • Work with the staff: search and selection, signing the contracts
  • Security and surveillance
  • Control of monthly revision of tech equipment
  • Home preparations for quests and owners coming
  • Keeping and passing the keys
  • Selection of the companies helping with designing, repairs of premises, checking the estimates of construction and repair works
Swimming pool
  • Monthly control and report for the pool state
  • Selection of companies for maintaining, signing the contracts
  • Control of maintenance and system support, regular maintenance of the pool
  • Monthly control and report for the garden state
  • Selection of companies for maintaining, signing the contracts
  • Control for regular maintenance
  • Preparation and checking of the estimates
  • Control of the performed work
Administration, bookkeeping and tax support
  • Representation of client’s interests in tax authorities in Italy: settlement and payment of taxes (property tax IMU, fee for inseparable services TASI)
  • Getting of the mail correspondence, government inquiries and correspondence in the interests of clients
  • Organizing of communal payments: water supply, electricity, gas, landline, internet, signaling
  • Making contracts with main service providers and maintaining companies
  • Property insurance and communication with insurance companies in cases listed in insurance
  • Coordination of payments to all the exps
  • Written report